Brooklyn Original: Push  100%  Brewed in Brooklyn

Push is best described as a multi -faceted, multi-talented artist whose reach spans across many areas of Hip Hop culture. He is a former host of 88 Hip Hop co-founder of Brooklyn Hip Hop History Celebration, former member of the Brooklyn Street Dancers (B.S.D., later known as the Fresh Generation) and organizer of Soul Powers a Brooklyn-Based entertainment group that publicized and  marketed various Hip Hop based functions throughout Brooklyn. 

As Host and original member of, Push was among the first personalities to produce Hip Hop programming on the web. His show brought the people, lifestyle and culture  of the Hip Hop online in a creative and interactive format. Push produced and hosted a variety of Hip Hop programs for an online entertainment operating company of CMGI,Inc. Push is currently directing the organization he cofounded,  the Educated Voices of Hip Hop a 501.c3  organization which  emphasizes leadership development and community building.



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