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The Street Version

This book is a journey back though time focusing on Kings County's (Brooklyn) Contribution to Hip Hop , a culture created by inner-city youth enduring the hardships of poverty. An incredible expedition into gang fights, train yards, block parties and sewing needles..Defining the term B- Boy and pinpointing  the origins of style while examining the work of the first turntablists... A compilation of interesting personalities, their memories of the Brooklyn  scene and their love for Hip Hop.

 Featuring: The Late Professor X of the pioneering revolutionary Hip Hop group X Clan,The  late Legendary  "Mix Master" Pete DJ Jones, Spray paint Pioneer Flint 707,Brooklyn Uprocker King Uprock Dynasty Rockers and 12 more Hip Hop personalities. 


DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop

 Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition