Brooklyn Street Dancers aka The Fresh Generation

Brooklyn Street Dancers (B.S.D.) established in 1980 consisted of a  energetic group  of Breakers and Poppers representing  all sections of  Brooklyn, New York.  Although originally housed at the Clinton Hill Youth center on Waverly Avenue, B.S.D. had several rehearsal spaces known as home, like the  Hanson Place church and The Historic New Muse. During the mid 1980's after the emergence of Art Scott's FRESH magazine the group was renamed"The Fresh Generation"aka T.F.G.  Some of the members included Rook, Push, Alex, Criss Cross, Otty, Don, Merrisa, Chino, Winnie, Inf-du , Kev aka Black, Mo, Dre, Chico(Chic Delvic), Tray , Poppy, James Ross, Animal, Franky Swift, Speedy E, Teena, Chase,Gibran, Malik Cumbo, Hitman Slade, Jo Cool and more not listed. More Information on the crew coming soon.


The Brooklyn Scene

Volume One


The Street Version

This book is a journey back though time focusing on Kings County's (Brooklyn) Contribution to Hip Hop , a culture created by inner-city youth enduring the hardships of poverty. An incredible expedition into gang fights, train yards, block parties and sewing needles..Defining the term B- Boy and pinpointing  the origins of style while examining the work of the first turntablists... A compilation of interesting personalities, their memories of the Brooklyn  scene and their love for Hip Hop.

 Featuring: The Late Professor X of the pioneering revolutionary Hip Hop group X Clan,The  late Legendary  "Mix Master" Pete DJ Jones, Spray paint Pioneer Flint 707,Brooklyn Uprocker King Uprock Dynasty Rockers and 12 more Hip Hop personalities. 


DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop

 Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition